Living Literature

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“Living Literature” is a literacy development program that focuses on identifying and improving the reading, comprehension and writing skills of youth in urban communities. “Living Literature” rests on the belief that increasing literacy, reading and writing comprehension can serve as deterrence to youth violence.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Providing a safe and supportive environment for learning to occur
  2. Assessing the current reading and writing levels of each participant
  3. Exposing youth to literacy curriculum designed to meet their academic, social, emotional and cultural needs
  4. Helping participants understand that alternatives to violence exist
  5. Empowering youth to combat violence in their schools and neighborhoods using their, “Words as Weapons”.

Living Literature Content Areas

  • Law and Literacy in American History
  • Violation of Violence on Urban Communities
  • Cultural Awareness and Competency
  • Civic Duty and Responsibility
  • Power of Voice
  • Sense of Agency
  • Character Development